Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Coal Car

The Coal Car
Various Artists

This Compilation was created by MC Trachiotomy and myself,
Never to be "Officially Released", even though it took us the better part of a year making/compiling it.
It Features a number of bands that don't exist anymore,including some that no longer speak to each other.
I'd say we finished it in 2002 or 2003... originally made to be distributed by ANAL LOG records (MC Trach's First Label), It's a companion record to Miss Pussycat's "Engine Engine No. 9" Skin Graft Records Cassette. EEN9 was sold locally and was nationally distributed by it featured a bunch of locals in 1998, and has since become impossible to find ( I don't have one, so I can't even compare it...).
This... Being the follow up, was named the Coal Car and featured a number of folks from other bands playing solo or under Pseudonyms . I'm not going to spoil! I will tell you Quintron, Trach, and a gang of other well known local musicians were hanging around My house A LOT back then.... Hell, I'll give you some hints.
Here's a Track Listing (there are 2 Gene Simmons covers)

1.Drive - Imagine The Band


2.Vs. Spider Mechaniod - Black Dwarf

One is tall, the other not so much... Who ever thought the Black Dwarf would technorock? maybe Voivod were right?

3. Speed Boats - Prime Minister

this one stars Sam(bass) and Andy("Fucks") with Lauren Dinker,the drummer of Fireball Rockett and Baby Rosebud

4.Charisma - Santanas

before...Wet Daddy Empire ...after
5.Outfitz - Good Grief

Tom from Blackfire Revelation should be proud to have this out ... T, maybe not as much

6.Brazil, Bolton Style - The Cobra

Who Knows?

7.Flying Underwater Vehicles - Detonations

This was recorded by a guy named Handsome Johnny... I believe... I Fixed it.

8.Stuff Your Gob - Everlasting Gobstopper

featuring Jayme of microshards ...really!

9.King Planet - DJ Rubik (featring Quintron,Jo Cool Davis, D.Lefty Parker)

I wouldn't let Matt call this song what he wanted to call it...

10.Nothing - D. Lefty Parker

Art, not music

11.Jazzfest 2000 - Rainbow Fannypack

Shawdowy membership, bright costumes

12.Diabolic Insectiod - Spider Mechanoid

...Appears on more than 3 tracks on this comp

13.Ye of Little Faith - Mothra

a mysteriou
s fella, I believe he was in Wet Daddy Empire

14.You Are Nothing - El Tonios

I know who this is about...

15.Secret Track



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