Saturday, August 16, 2008


Baby Rosebud

This record was "released" in 2004 on Rhinestone Records here in New Orleans burned only on CDRs true production copies exist.
For almost 6 years Rosebud ruled the coffee house set locally in New Orleans and
traveled the U.S. briefly. They were scheduled to do a support tour for this album, only to break up about 6 months before Hurricane Katrina,
their paths together fell apart yielding only this and one other record (cyrillic)(2002)

Its filled with gorgeous, lush soundtrack music with enough Victorian flair to enthrall the hobo kids that populated thier shows, but also shows the sophistication that began Courtney Lain's eventual mastery of arrangement
...which is known as Herringbone Orchestra

Included are 2 Extra tracks made by D. Lefty Parker from the same era
"Abraxis" By Courtney Lain
and "Rosebud Remix" created for Quintron's remix party at the Spellcaster Lodge 2001

Shipwreck was recorded by Andrew Gilchrist (aka Goat)
Mastered by D. Lefty Parker (Planarian Productions)

Rhinestone Records is owned By Quintron and Miss Pussycat (President)

Download here

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