Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Empress Dies

Edit:the top two photos are Antoinette with her favorite dog. She made me take those.

next one is the Hound, Soupchain and Kelly at "the old" Mother in Law (when Ernie was alive)

the bottom two are Kelly Keller's surprise birthday party at the mother in law (I believe 40, so 1999 ?)

here's my fiance's blog on the gambit site... I'm far too sad to write anything right now. Antoinette called me her son, and I was.

below is a song my old band Fireball Rockett wrote about 10 years ago (before backing up Ernie for two years), Ernie and Antoinette loved it.

K-Doe by Fireball Rockett Download here
(written by Tim Smith and Fireball Rockett)

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