Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A-Bones,Condo Fucks,Royal Pendletons, Redondo Beat April 27 @ OEJ

Flyer By Lefty
Special thanks to my bride to be for "Teen Confessions" and magazines

Unofficial Ponderosa stomp kick off party, for those of you who don't know, the A- bones erupted from the deadend punk post nightmare in the 80's bringing the R n B spirit back to the punk scene that birthed them. Billy and Miriam then gave back to the world by forming Norton Records (witch Goner appears to be modeled after) and put out 100's of kick ass retro out of print records, so we could all be a little cooler (and some people could get paid).

The Condo Fucks are Yo La Tengo (some say, they way they would like to be) on a HYDE trip. I don't think I'm outing anyone here, AntiGravity just reviewed thier record

The Pendletons? Who's askin? they pulled a similar maneuver by playing bad ass Louisiana inspired R n B garage rock in the 90's when Metal and Art rock ruled this city, and Louie is in the band.... Read More

Redondo Beat ...German and bringing home the Beat for europeans (they need to dance too)... they put out some Goner stuff... I believe I had them at the Circle Bar, but my memory is hazy if I did. still can't wait to see 'em.


iris said...

No to be a literary stickler, but did you mean to imply the Condo Fucks are the polite, mild mannered, repressed version of Yo La Tengo's rampaging id? I don't think so. Remember, Parker, you are about to marry a bookish lady and stringent standards must be maintained.

Leftlord said...

Yeah I spelled Jersey wrong too ...and my future wife didn't catch that either.