Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ponderosa Stomp Trivia

1.) The ponderosa Stomp is a New Orleans organization that supports the "architects of Rock N Roll", its founders refer to themselves as the Knights of the Mau Mau. Can you name the ringleader? [Bonus Point] name another knight of the Mau Mau.

Ira Padnos. Lefty.Mike Hurtt.Kelly Keller.Jim Marshall.Brad Brewster.Andria Lisle.Alison Fensterstock.Heather West.Madeline.

2.) What Ponderosa Stomp regular and New Orleans jazz man and famous arranger played sax on Gram Parsons GP and Grevious angel?

Harold Batiste

3.) What was the name of the 2 story venue in Mid City where the Ponderosa Stomp held the majority of their events?

Mid City Lanes Rock n Bowl

4.) Ponderosa stomp is named after a blues song by what formerly local harmonica player?

Lazy Lester

5.) in 2009 Ponderosa Stomp paid tribute to what New Orleans composer and arranger by setting up a tribute at Lincoln Center featuring Dr. John, the Dixie Cups, Tony Owens, Robert Parker, Tami Lynn, Zigaboo Modeliste, and Jean Knight. [Bonus] What gold capped wannabe rockabilly sang Morgus the Magnificent for the sold out theatre?

Wardell Querzeque [Bonus] Mike Hurtt

6.) This years tribute is to the owner of J and M studios and the true "producer" of Rock n Roll ...maybe the first, name the grocery magnate and former producer.

Cosimo Matassa

7.) what Welsh born musician and sometimes Mekon painted this years official Ponderosa Stomp poster? [bonus] name another of his bands.

Jon Langford [Bonus] Skull Orchard, The Three Johns, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The Sadies, Wee Hairy Beasties.

8.) the posters for the Ponderosa Stomp are usually made by what Knoxville Tn, poster arts company, named to make fun of their Tennesee heritage.

Yee Haw Industries

9.)There were 2 surprise Hammond B3 perfomers in Stomp history (even to us they just got on the thing and went for it.) can you name the surprise organists? (hint one is fastidious and his pen name is Naomi Neville the other is the leader of a marching band and the internet thinks his name is Jay Poggi) [bonus] what acts did they play with?

Allen Toussant and Quintron [bonus] Wardell Querzeque and Nathaniel Mayer

10.) what is the name of one of the 3 female guitarists featured at the Ponderosa Stomp over the years? (hint all were singers at one point, one was from Louisiana, one was from Brooklyn, and one is from Oklahoma, respectively called an Empress, a Lady, and a queen)

Barbara Lynn, Lady Bo, and Wanda Jackson

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