Sunday, November 27, 2011

Comeback Trivia

1. This former singer of Generation X had no less than 4 official comebacks as well as living in a perpetual state of pretend comebacks, in 1993 he released an "experimental" album made entirely with a 1992 macintosh it was released CD only with an additional 3.5 floppy diskette. Name the singer and the 1993 CD.

Billy Idol - "Cyberpunk"

2. In a Metal Mood was the 1997 comeback album that brought what 50's crooners career back in the public eye.

Pat Boone

3. perhaps the most famous "comeback" ever in which Elvis sang new and old numbers wearing an entirely leather suit on a TV special and 2 album set. I is also the name of a Pregoner Memphis rock band featuring Nick Ray,Jeff Evans and occaisonal oblivians

68 comeback

4. This queen of rockabilly has just released a comeback album produced and featuring Jack White,

Wanda Jackson

5. The first stirrings of this Ohio bands comeback was a cover of Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a hole" in 1999 they are now touring in support of a new album. Name the band and the new album,

DEVO - "Something for Everyone"

6. Two parter ."don't call it a comeback" were the first words of what hit by James Todd Smith otherwise known as?

"Mama said knock you out" - LL Cool J

7. This "probably should have quit" 70's rock dinosaur outfit had their first comeback thanks to Rick Rubin and Run DMC


8. Rick also produced and masterminded the slight return of what classic country singer with "American Recordings"

Johnny Cash

9.This Rap star turned Mogul has retired ...yet still keeps coming back with a new album, mixtapes and constant collaborations. He's married to Beyonce.

Jay Z

10. 70's glam rock icons Kiss had a comeback of sorts, when they returned to wearing make up which members rejoined the band to explode popular exposure what members of Kiss rejoined with the return of the make up? Bonus who has currently replacing them?

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss
Bonus Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer

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