Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prince Trivia

1. What was the name of the Prince TV special that aired on ABC December, 19 1992? (The Ryde Dyvine. The show also had guest stars George Clinton, Rosie Gaines, Mavis Staples and Carmen Electra.)

2. Instead of lending his vocals to 'We Are The World' in 1985, Prince submitted what song to the project? Bonus: Quincy Jones and the organizers of We Are the World gave Prince some degree of flak for not participating. In response, what song did Prince write which chronicles the whole ordeal? (The Tears In Your Eyes'. Bonus: HELLO)

3. In which of his videos did Michael Jackson ask Prince to appear? (Bad. Michael Jackson wanted Prince to play the role that eventually went to Wesley Snipes.)

4. What is the name of the club that The Kid's band plays at in 'Purple Rain'? Bonus: What was the same club called in Graffiti Bridge? (First Avenue. BONUS: Glam Slam.)

5. In the film 'Purple Rain', a tune named 'Fathers Song' can be heard. This same tune is mirrored in another song from the 'Purple Rain' album, which song is it? (Computer Blue. 'Fathers Song' was originally going to be included on the 'Purple Rain' soundtrack but was removed when the album was condensed to fit onto one LP. It can be found still on a promo album called 'Strange Tales From The Rain'.)

6. Wendy Melvoin, of The Revolution, had a brother Johnathan. What 90's band was he a member of? (The Smashing Pumpkins. He has also played keyboards for Prince. He has since died of a drug overdose. )

7. What popular religion did Prince convert to in 2001 after intense discussions with bassist Larry Graham? (He is currently a Jehovah's Witness.) 8. Prince has his own brand of perfume released July 7, 2007. What is it called? (3121)

8 and 9. 2 part question..."Little Red Corvette" inspired what scarf-clad 70's and 80's singer to write and record what Billboard top 5 hit for her album "The Wild Heart" ? Prince also played synths on it. Name the singer and the song. (Stevie Nicks, "Stand Back.")

10. Prince composed 2 songs after learned about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans in 2005... name them (hint : one is instrumental) ("S.S.T.", "Brand New Orleans")

11. What Prince song allegedly provoked Al Gore's wife, Tipper Gore, to establish Parents Music Resource Center in 1985 after she overheard her daughter playing the song. (Darling Nikki or Jack U Off at an aerobics class)

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