Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Trivia

Artists with 2 initials for a first name

1.)Texas Bluesman who sang for Malaco Records

 Z.Z. Hill

2.) Oklahoma songriter and gutarist who wrote the song "Cocaine" (as covered by Eric Clapton)

J.J. Cale

3.) Canadian singer and famous lesbian who performed at 2010 winter olympics 

K.D. Lang

4.) group from Rialto, California, whose name initially stood for Juana, Juanita, Fatima Ann Dania their biggest hit was "Supersonic"

 J.J. Fad

5.) born in Indianola, Mississippi, this bluesman had a rich career with his guitar named "Lucille" befor appearing in U@'s "rattle and Hum" movie thusly destroying his credibility. 

B.B King

Jackons who were not in the Jackson 5

1.) Famed Stax studio drummer and Member of Booker T. and the MGs and the Barkays 

Al Jackson

2.) Soul singer from the 50s thru the 70s and former member of the Del-Vikings who had a hit with "Come Go With Me"

Chuck Jackson

3.) Member of the Jackson 5 family, though she never sang with the group, had several attempts at a singing carrer but mostly made her look mostly crazy. also the only member of that family to appear in playboy.

Latoya Jackson

4.) Rockabilly/country singer/guitarist who dated Elvis and has a new record out with Jack White. 

Wanda Jackson

5.) Beastie boys label grand Royal artists, this girl group is probably the only successful act other than the Beastie Boys on the label.

Luscious Jackson

6.) Baton Rouge native, this producer and former bassist for Jerry Garcia and Santana is now a judge on American Idol. 

Randy Jackson

7.) this blonde Englishman is a top 10 Country music artist in the U.S., he had a numer 3 hit in 1990 with "here in the real world". 

Alan jackson

8.) this "Queen of Gospel" was born in the Carrolton area of New Orleans and now has a theatre named after her locally. 

 Mahalia Jackson

9.) this new wave pioneer has 2 great albums "Look Sharp" and "I'm the Man" after that I'm not sure ... 

Joe Jackson

10.) Songwriter and cronie of Graham Nash, David Crosby and James Taylor, was once romantically linked to Nico of the Velvet Underground fame. his big hit was "Doctor My Eyes" 

Jackson Browne

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