Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skull Trivia

1. This Riverside California band plays "Ska Punk", music favored on the "Vans/Warped" touring circuit. Formerly on the Epitaph label and are currently on Chicago's Victory records.

 [Voodoo Glow Skulls]

2. The Stooges reformed in 2003 to release songs on what Iggy Pop solo record before releasing their marginal reunion effort "The Weirdness"?

 [Skull Ring]

3.This New Jersey punk band released the song "skulls" on their debut album. Name the album and the band. 

[Walk Among Us/Misfits]

4.The band Megadeth has a mascot who is a skeletal figure who embodies the phrase, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.", He has adorned the covers of 7 of their records... what is his name?

 [Vic Rattlebones]

5.This title is both the title of a Buddy Miles LP and a Sonic Youth single from their evol record

[Expressway to Your Skull]

6. This Norman, OK psychedelic band that are no stragers to strange packaging has recently released a lifesize gummy skull with a Flash drive inside containing 2 songs and a real human skull with a 24hour song mounted somehow inside.

 [The Flaming lips]

7.Local frontman of the band the Rough Seven has a name that should fit in this catagory. What is his name?

[Ryan Skully]

8."Gently take my skull for a ride And I don't know who you are But I know what I would like you to be A one-night stand under stoned persuasion But a joy that I can't hide" are the lyrics to the song "skull" by what popular Boston area indie rock band on which of their albums.


9, in 2008, this former member of the Smiths released yet another comeback record named "Years of Refusal" featuring a track titled "something is squeezing my skull". Who is he 


10.this "no wave" outfit from New York city has close ties to Sonic Youth, Glen Branca and Pussy Galore, as well as members who were also in Come, Chavez, and Lubricated Goat . Their main output was released on the then Gerard Cosloy run "Homestead records"


[Bonus] This band of pre-teens toured the U.S. opening for such acts as the Flaming Lips, GWAR, and Sonic Youth in the 90's.

 [Old Skull]

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