Tuesday, December 6, 2011

British Invasion trivia

1.Although they looked and sounded like they were part of the British Invasion, the Beau Brummels were actually from what western US city?

San Francisco

2. What band is Singer Peter Noone associated with?

Hermans Hermits

3. Mary O'Brien was the real name of which British Invasion artist?

 Dusty Springfield

4.who Wrote the British invasion hit "Shalalala" as well as "Little Red Book"

Manfred Mann

5. Which band made more appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show than any other English act?

Dave Clark Five

6. Which British invaision band Wrote "The First Rock Opera?" ...it was called S.F. Sorrow

The Pretty Things

7. Which 'British Invasion' band was once called The Ravens?

The Kinks 

8. Allan Clark was the lead singer for which British invasion band?

The Hollies

9.Name Everyone who is considered to be "The Fifth Beatle"

Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best, Billy Preston, Brian Epstein, Ringo Starr, George Martin, Klaus Voorman

10. The song 'Inside Looking Out' covered by Grand Funk Railroad in the early 70s was a US Top 40 hit for which British group in 1966?

The Animals 

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