Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Odd Instruments Trivia

1.The poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg started this band in 1964 to perform funny, expletive-laden songs about sex, drugs and politics, using homemade instryments like the Talking Tie and the microtonal Microlyre.

(The Fugs)

2.While recording the Dixie Cups’ verson of this classic New Orleans song, arranger Wardell Quezergue asked the singers and people around the studio to provide percussion by banging ashtrays and drinking glasses together.

(Iko Iko)

3.The locally invented electronic musical instrument combines pedals and stuff, plus coffee cans with different patterns punched out, to create a weird-noise-making light-activated Theremin.

(Drum Buddy)

4.This electronic music pioneer of the 60’s, who recently played in New Orleans, named the primitive synthesizer he built out of oscillators and telegraph keys after himself. What is it (and him) called?


5.The Aeolian harp, a stringed wooden box instrument beloved by Romantic poets like Coleridge and Shelley, is not played by human hands. How does it make noise?


6.This massive instrument, a series of pipes at the edge of the San Francisco Bay, is also not played by people.  What’s it called and how does it work?

 (Wave organ – ocean waves)

7.This experimental/industrial 80’s band famously recorded bizarre, shocking, and occasionally boring sounds using a series of invented and manipulated techniques and effects, one of which was its own waveshape-altering “Gristleizer.”

 (Throbbing Gristle)

8.Hobos and folkies have long enjoyed the wobbly, Thereminesque noises made by this repurposed household tool.

 (Musical saw)

9.Which famous rocker, whose band is mentioned often at this trivia night, was the first to make use of a custm 12-string bass?

 (Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick)

10.The Moog Liberation and Roland SH-101 are two types of this portable synthesizer, now indelibly associated with the 80’s?


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