Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soviet rock Trivia

1. What Metal band (with local ties) played the famed "Monsters of Rock" fest in Mother Russia in 1991


2. The New York Dolls late period shows were dominated by a Soviet theme. They wore red patent leather jumpsuits (as seen on the cover of the New Rose album "Red Patent Leather") and performed in front of a huge Soviet Flag while touring th South. Who was the "Manager" that conceived this ?

Malcolm Mcclaren

3. What "band" did he use this experience to "manage" after getting kicked out of New York.

Sex Pistols

4. According to The Moscow Times, when McCartney finally got to play WHAT song at his concert in Moscow's Red Square in May 2003 at the age of 60?

Back in the USSR
5. What Russian/American rockabilly tribute band have had appearances in or on cult film  Six-String Samurai (1998), Melrose Place (TV series, 1998), VH-1 's Behind the Music (1998 television appearance) Penn & Teller’s Sin City Extravaganza (1998 television appearance), in their Red Russian/American costumes?

Red Elvises

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