Monday, December 19, 2011

What Would Husker Du?

1) Husker Du were a huge contributor to the sucess of their Los Angeles based punk rock label. Name the label in question.


2)What Replacements record featured the parody song "Something to DU"?

["Sorry Ma, Forgot to take out the trash"]

3) Bob Mould, the frontman of Husker DU later became the singer of what 90's Punk Supergroup?


4)in the 90's Bob also had a record label that only put out 45s, name it.

[Singles Only Label]

5)what fellow Minneappolis act what mentored by Husker Du by having them open for the "flip Your Wig" Tour ? Hint: Bob Mould produced their first recordings, and their front man famously lives in New Orleans now.

[Soul Asylum]

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