Friday, January 6, 2012

27 Club

1. Which member of the 27 CLUB famously recorded Morocco-based group the Master Musicians of Joujouka in 1969 and drowned in his pool?


2. This member of the 27 CLUB's final public performance with his band took place at New Orleans' venue The Warehouse on December 12th, 1970. One year earlier, he self-published a book of original writing titled “The Lords/Notes on Vision.”


3. This member of the 27 CLUB last fronted the Full Tilt Boogie Band, consisting of Canadian nationals, in September of 1970.


4. Which former roadie for rock band THE MELVINS “went and joined that stupid club” on April 5th, 1994? or Once a roadie for the rock band THE MELVINS, this member of the 27 CLUB's death was voted the #1 Rock Moment by readers of British rock rag NME.


5. After performing with King Curtis and before backing up Curtis Knight, this 27 CLUB member formed his own band the BLUE FLAME featuring future Spirit guitar-player RANDY CALIFORNIA.


6. Crossroads, syphilis, contract with the devil, Mississippi Delta blues.


7. When not busting heads open with pool cues as a Hell's Angel, this member of the 27 CLUB was banging on the keyboards for rock group the Grateful Dead.


8. In 1997, tribute was paid to this SST recording artist by his best friend and bass player on the tune “Boiler Room” from the album “Contemplating the Engine Room.”


9. Chris bell of Memphis' power-pop stalwarts BIG STAR died on December 27th, 1978, before seeing any of his solo material released except for one single on the tiny label Car Records. How did he die?

[Car accident returning home from his father's restaurant]

10. Badfinger's Pete Ham initially turned down the use of the song “Come and Get It” as a single, because it was not written by Ham, but by what famed songwriter?

[Paul McCartney]

11. Bassist Kristen Pfaff of HOLE and JANITOR JOE joined the 27 CLUB in 1994. How did she die?

[Heroin overdose]

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