Friday, January 6, 2012

Glam Rock, the first generation

1.The Sweet acheived their first hit "Funny Funny" in 1971 and their last "Love is Like Oxygen" in 1978. What country are they originally from?


2. Glam progenitors T. Rex made Marc Bolin famous the other co-founder.

[Steve Perrigrin Took]

3.This second wave glam singer was a huge influence on LA's the Runaways. She was formerly in a family band known as the Pleasure Seekers.

[Suzy Quattro]

4.David Bowie wrote and sang the song "All The Young Dudes" for what London glam band.

[Mott the Hoople]

5. This Wolverhapton blues act started dressing up glam in 1970, but had their first big hit with "Cum on Feel The Noise" in 1973.


6. David Bowie stole the last name of what lesser known glam artist for his most glam related concept album?

[Alvin Stardust]

7. This known Pedophile is ironically most famous for his "Jock Jam" played at most sporting events "Rock and Roll parts 1 and 2"

[Gary Glitter]

8. Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno formed what glam band in 1971?

[Roxy Music]

9. Clearly influenced by glam rock style this prog rock band featuring 2 major solo artists of the 80's wore make up and high heeled shoes through most of their shows in the 70's


10. "Back in the New York Groove" was a hit for Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley from his solo record, what english glam band originally performed it? [Bonus] Who wrote it?

[Hello] Bonus [Russ Ballard of Argent]

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