Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Orleans music Trivia

New Orleans

1. The inspiration for what song is said to be Jazz pianist Dorothy Sloop, who went by the nickname Sloopy. She is best known as a pianist with a number of mostly female Jazz bands in the New Orleans area, primarily from the 1930s through the 1950s?

[The McCoy's "Hang On Sloopy"]

2. Originally called Little Miss and The Muffets, before the release of what would become their US #1 hit, "Chapel Of Love", this New Orleans vocal group had their name changed to?

[The Dixie Cups] 

3. What was the last song Jim Morrison ever did with the doors during their final public performance at The Warehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 12, 1970. He was quoted as saying he never liked it.

[Light My Fire]

4. Famed composer, pianist, singer and former Dew Drop Inn resident Ray Charles Robinson changed his name to not be confused with what other famous person?

[Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson] 

5. What comedian spent his time in New Orleans as both driver and hype man for the most famous version of Huey Piano Smith and the Clowns?

[Rudy Ray Moore AKA Dolemite]

6. This bitter, also-ran from New Orleans tried to push classic rock into the 90's by relocating to Long island and releasing songs like "Who's Behind The Door?" ...they have since reunited to play singer songwriter nights and Bar Mitzvas locally.


7. Appearing in a music video with the band Cracker on the song "I hate my generation" this New Orleans drummer became the subject of this story :"According to Cracker leader David Lowery, when He was asked if he would be able to play along with the songs, he gave Lowery a look and said, 'I invented this shit.'" ...he did.

[Earl Palmer]

8. Who Wrote and originally recorded the song "Southern Knights" that was a #1 hit on the country charts for Glen Campbell?

[Allen Toussant]

9. Working with Lew Chudd's Imperial Records as an arranger, bandleader and talent scout. This New Orleans trumpet player produced hits from Earl King, Tommy Ridgley, Robert Parker, Frankie Ford, Chris Kenner, Smiley Lewis, Shirley & Lee and Fats Domino ...among others.

[Dave Bartholomew]

10. After his first recording session, at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studio. This singer and pianist's first single"Stack-A-Lee", a two-sided workout of an old folk song, sold well enough to reach # 10 on Billboard's R&B charts in October 1950.


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