Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You be Me for a while...


1. The original line-up of the Replacements was Tommy Stinson, Bob Stinson, Chris Mars and Paul Westerberg. After lead guitarist Bob was kicked to the curb, they "Replaced" him with the cleanup man at famed Minneapolis club "First Avenue" ...what was his name?

[Slim Dunlap]

2.The first Replacements EP was called "Stink" and had an audio capture of a Minneapolis house party, the track "Kids Don't Follow" allegedly has what current New Orleanian and former Soul Asylum member screaming "Fuck You' and "what's the hassle?" at the cops?

[Dave Pirner]

3.Famously, The Replacements were kicked out of the opening slot of their biggest tour ever opening for what Jacksonville, Florida band?

[Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers]

4. The Replacements song "Within Your Reach" was background noise in what Cameron Crowe film? Giving them their first hit record, and John Cusak his first starring role.

[Say Anything]

5. What original Ramone produced and ruined the Replacements major label debut "Tim"?


6. R.E.M.s guitarist Peter Buck played on The Replacements last album for independent label Twin/Tone, "Let It Be". What instrument did he play on the album opener "I Will Dare"?


7. Members of what New Jersey band hosted the Replacements at Maxwell's and helped them in their NYC ventures (...and let them stay at their house)?

[Yo La Tengo]

8. Tommy Stinson now plays with what ego maniac in what band?

[Axl Rose/Guns n Roses] opposed to the last ego maniac

9. Paul Westerberg mouthed the expletive "Fuck" in their first internationally broadcast performance on what TV show?

[Saturday Night Live]

10.  Alex Chilton befriended the band and played a number of shows with them (as headliner, and with the band), name the record for which they recorded their tribute song "Alex Chilton".

[Pleased To Meet Me]

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