Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ok, got shamed into making a list.

I got asked by a non hipster friend to make a list of 10 albums that touched me (one of those facebook things), it seemed pretty innocent and I needed to post something on here (haven't done shit so far this year). This is just a list of albums I will probably own for the rest of my life. Which, when you put it like that, it's kinda important. Most of these would be unlikely to show up as my TOP faves so really, its just an exercise in thinking about regular listening albums.

OK, this is for Samantha H****, I am not reposting the text so as to NOT see everyone else share or do this, it is supposed to be arbitrary and based on albums that have touched you, not a TOP list, it's free association with albums. That being said...

1) Epic Soundtracks - Rise Above - saw this album cover and thought "swell maps meets beach boys, right" ...It became my favorite album of 1993, surrounded so much of the making of the "club" I was building with my best friend, that we booked him to play the opening. He was bewildered at best, but it was a great show. I taped that night and listened to it a lot, the tape was eventually lost.

2) Swell Maps - International Rescue - THIS is the Swell Maps, Nikki Sudden - lead whatever, Epic Soundtracks - Drums (sometimes piano) Jowe Head - Bass, I LOVE this band, which is weird (a little) since I'm also a giant fan of almost all of their solo projects afterward, its a later release than the first Swell Maps I ever had, but an earlier recording that is amazing, some of this tape had been culled to make various comps, but this original 1977 tape put out on vinyl pretty recently is amazeballs (too soon)?.

3) Black Sabbath - Alternative Version 68-71 - Another Birmingham great (same as above), seems that at some point I fell in love with bands from one small industrial town in England. Anyhow, these studio outtakes are "unfinished" and mind blowingly good.

4)T Rex - History of  T Rex - 4 LP picture disc box set of EVERYTHING (kinda) theres tons of awesome T Rex, there is also a fair amount of boring T Rex, this collection is French and encompasses most of the truly great stuff, including the first 4 albums and outtakes, quality is ok to bad which is why they are on my wall now, they were also a gift from good friends, it makes me happy to own.

5)MC5 - High Time - Everyone's always hating on this album by one of my favorite bands, it's my favorite. Sister Anne is AWESOME ...and it doesn't stop til its over.

6)MC5 - American Ruse - This is a Total/Energy release from TONS of new releases of "boot" quality MC5 released over the last 20 years, fomat is weird for vinyl (10") but the CD has more tracks. I heard of this tape,  John Sinclair mentioned it to me when we met (I kept lighting joints so he would keep talking to me, it's a wonder I remember what he said at all), and the liner notes explain it all, its all the demos for back in the USA, which was "ruined" by Sinclair being thrown in jail and Atlantic taking over the process of recording the band.

7)Black Merda - Long Burn The Fire - This is the band I wanted Funkadelic to be (not that I don't love Funkadelic), both records are amazing, I LOVE both, and getting high.

8) Spacemen 3 - Playing with fire - There are so many great Spacemen 3 records, this is my favorite, you should buy all of them. I also kind of met Sonic Boom once, seemed like the dick that he notoriously is.

9)Hanoi Rocks - Back to Mystery City - Not their most refined album, but still my favorite, for more finished ideas check out Two Steps from on the move (their only US release - "I wanna teach high school" one of the best counting songs forever) Bangkok Shocks... is also great. I never got to see any version of this band, though I stood outside 2 venues where they were playing unable to get in.

10) Murder INC - Playing For Keeps - Westbank rap from Krazy,Legend Man, MC L a.k.a. L or L the Black Robin Hood and a female rapper called Alamo. Murder Inc. Released two independent albums, Playin' for Keeps in 1995, and Let's Die 2-Gether in 1997 on Hard Head Records. These records are my favorite of the era, Cash Money was on top and this was serious underground, I have the second one on vinyl, but the first has eluded me... I want a copy.

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